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folder-icon Can I change my address or phone number online? folder-icon Can I get a tutor for my courses? folder-icon Can I "test out" of taking a class? folder-icon Department of Revenue Debt Collection agency states that my debt has been referred to them, how do I resolve? folder-icon Does WITC offer Housing? folder-icon Does WITC offer scholarships? folder-icon Does WITC provide ACT / SAT testing? folder-icon Do I get a refund if I need to drop a class? folder-icon Do I have to attend New Student Orientation? folder-icon Error messages when trying to register folder-icon Health Insurance for students folder-icon How do I apply for Financial Aid? folder-icon How do I apply to WITC? folder-icon How do I drop my classes? folder-icon How do I find my class schedule? folder-icon How do I get a copy of my transcript? folder-icon How do I get my books? folder-icon How do I know what classes to register for? folder-icon How do I post a job with WITC? folder-icon How do I put myself on a class wait list? folder-icon How do I receive drivers education information? folder-icon How do I register for classes? folder-icon How do I search for a Continuing Ed Class online? folder-icon How do I transfer my credits from another college? folder-icon How often do I need to apply for Financial Aid? folder-icon How will I know when my financial aid is ready? folder-icon I can't remember my student ID number folder-icon I graduated, when should I expect to receive my diploma/certificate? folder-icon Is parking free while attending classes? folder-icon Issues accessing MyWITC to register for classes folder-icon Tuition at WITC folder-icon What age is defined as "Senior"? folder-icon What are my payment options? folder-icon What are the hours of service for the campus? folder-icon What is WITC's school code? folder-icon When can I register for credit classes? folder-icon When do I have to pay for my classes? folder-icon When is the Bookstore open? folder-icon Where can I find Financial Aid forms? folder-icon Where can I find my 1098T? folder-icon Where can I search for courses? folder-icon Where can I see important Calendar dates for the semester? folder-icon Where can I view my GPA? folder-icon Where do I find phone numbers or e-mail addresses for staff? folder-icon Who do I contact about my outstanding debt? folder-icon Why do I have three 7am classes on the same days?
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