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Duo FAQs
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What apps are currently secured by WITC through Duo?

  1. Email (Outlook) 
  2. Teams
  3. OneDrive 

Do I need to use Duo to login to my work and/or personal computer?  

  • No.  Duo is only needed for the application level.

Is Duo needed to access MyCampus? 

  • No.  Only the apps inside of the MyCampus portal that are secured by Duo need authentication.  

What about Peoplesoft, Cognos, Imagenow, and other WILM resources?  

  • All of these applications are NOT currently secured with Duo.  WILM will be releasing another Duo enrollment that each staff/faculty member will have to setup.  

What if I don't want to use my personal phone for Duo?

  • WITC can provide a fob.  This will generate a one-time passcode to be entered, instead of using the Duo mobile app.  Feitian Token/Fob Details

Is it okay to use my personal phone for Duo?

  • Yes.  The Duo mobile app is easier to use than a fob/token, and is the recommended method for using Duo.    

Why have I not been seeing and Duo push notifications?  

  • You will not be prompted for Duo MFA while on a WITC campus.  This will prevent you from losing access to Duo-secured applications if you forget your fob/phone at home.  
  • You have the option to remember your device for 7 days, even if not on the WITC network. 



Full details on Duo can be found at

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