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Forgot Password
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     The new "Forgot Password" feature makes it easy to reset a forgotten password.  The process includes answering a single security question and entering a code that is sent to either your personal email address or texted to a phone number you have entered. 

This option only works if you have set up multi factor authentication in MyCampus

Read our article on First Time Login: MyCampus and MyWITC  for directions on setting this up


To reset your password

  • Go to, scroll to the top of the page and click on "MyCampus"

 click on mycampus

  • When the login screen loads, click on "Forgot Password"

click on forgot password

  • A new window will open up, enter your ID number and click "Submit"

enter your ID number

  • Answer the security question from when you set up your multi factor authentication and click "Submit"

answer the security question

  • Choose to have a one time use security code sent to your email or sent to your phone through text

choose verification method

  • Next you'll enter the security code and click "Submit"

enter security code

  • Create a new password, confirm your new password, and click "Submit"

create a new password


Tips for creating a secure password:

  • Minimum of 13 characters
  • Choose random words and stringing them together to create a passphrase
  • Don't use a single word (e.g. "princess") or a commonly-used phrase (e.g. "ILoveYou"
  • Do make your password hard to guess even by those who know a lot about you (don't use the names and birthdays of your friends or family, your favorite bands, or phrases you like to use)
  • You can also use a long passphrase, but only include the first letter of each word to make the password
  • Include numbers and characters if possible

You're done!

success window


If you haven't set up your MyCampus account you will need to submit a MyHelp Desk ticket

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Resetting the WITC Network Password using the MyCampus Portal.pdf
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