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How do I share a file through OneDrive? print icon

There are three ways to share a file in OneDrive for Business:


1. Share by hovering your cursor over a File or Folder:


  • Go to OneDrive for Business through your Office 365 account. (This is located within your email application found in MyCampus.)


  • Go to the site library that has your file or folder you want to share.


  • Hover your cursor over the file/folder you want to share, then left click Share.

            ondrive dashboard


  • In the share dialog box where it says Enter a name or email address, type the name or email address of the person or people you want to share the file or folder with.

    Invite people

  • Select a permission setting in the drop down box, such as Anyone or People in Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College.


  • Check or uncheck the Allow Editing box. Click Apply.


  • Type a message to be included with an email that's sent to all invitees.  The email will include a link to the shared file or folder.


  • Click Send.


            send link


2. Share a file by using Copy Link


  • You can share a link to a file by choosing Copy Link.  The Copy link option is available in the share dialog box.  


  • This link can be shared with anyone by copying and pasting it into an email message.  Below is a list of link options for sharing a file.


  • You may also chose to share the link in an email by clicking Outlook. This will generate a new email with the link in the email body.


            share link

3.  Share a file in any MS Office application. 





Download a handout on OneDrive: Sharing



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